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You can start with the language training after finishing the beginner course and after complying with the requirements being asked by your Recruitment Agency.

You can send an email to support@nlrc.ph and our dedicated team will help you log in to Moodle or access the beginner course so you can start with your self-studies.

You can usually find this from the Google group mailing list/inbox you are part of. Otherwise, log in to your learning platform and from the course you have, it usually shows your group number there as well. If you are still unsure and can’t figure it out, just email support@nlrc.ph and they’ll let you know.

Yes, that’s the study model we are using. If you’re familiar with a flipped classroom, basically, self-study is based on independent remote studies. In that way, you can do it whenever and wherever you are and if you do not understand a lesson, you have your unit meetings – which would be the best place to ask questions or clarifications from the instructor and they will surely help you out. They will explain things and give you more examples and help you in detail. So, use those meetings you have once a week with an instructor as a learning resource.

The first one is called (JMH) Joo Mä Hoidan and it has 8 units, a unit means a chapter in the textbook. Probably around 30-50 pages worth of content. Once you complete that, you move on to Anna Mä Hoidan 1 and 2. They both have 6 units, so mandatory training consists of at least 20 units. There is also the No Mä Hoidan book (from units 21 to 28) (if applicable for you).

There’s not really a specific target date, but you can count the 7-11 months onwards from when you officially start.

The exact deployment dates depends on your employer and how long your visa takes to arrive and other factors like that. You can start counting your day 1 (once you officially start) if you want like an official day of starting the course.

So long as you get all the requirements done with the language training which includes passing all the tasks needed and attending all your meetings along with passing the mandatory tests, then it should go according as planned.

The books goes from one topic to another, so expect to study probably 1 unit per week. Its’s not recommended to speed through or hurry, you really need to take time and learn the language. It’s not an obstacle course you need to rush through.

We post the booking reminder and whenever they post that in your Google Group inbox/email announcement, you’ll find the booking link to reserve a slot for your unit meetings. So, we’ll open the scheduling page and announce it and you get to pick a separate meeting time each week.

Please contact your recruitment agency directly for any questions related to your employment and any document processing needed for your deployment to Finland. NLRC will not be able to help or answer your questions related to your deployment to Finland since we are only handling your language training.

No, since one of the requirements is having successful meetings about all units. So, you need those completed. Also, submitting the tasks allotted for your language training and passing the Unit 1-5 test is part of your requirements in completing the language training successfully.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not listed above.