Jaqueline Hitiraukunga

Good Morning NLRC Team, Students or Interested Clients.

My journey with NLRC has been a wonderful experience all together.

I was able to do my studies independently so there was no pressure. Getting weekly task to do helped me not to be slacking backwards with work as I knew that I had to organize myself before the due date. I was given the liberty of booking sessions on my own chosen date and time also helped me get prepared without the need of being too unorganized. Their booking link was easy to use with my local zone and teir email made it easy for me to put up a reminder so I was hardly ever late for my sessions.The program is perfectly made to encourage the students who are at risk of dropping out because it keeps one busy and engaged into the program with how organized everything is. The support from NLRC was super great as they always responded with solutions, their announcements were clear and on time. The instructors were at their best and respectful behaviors,they always helped where and when one needed help. I was in the slow paced group and when I changed to the fast pace one, The change was done swiftly. Even when I felt like I wasn't doing well the support team would respond so positively to the point where I would believe in myself again.

If instructors noticed my weaknesses they would help me during sessions. If I was to do more language courses I would most definitely have chosen to continue with NLRC Team.

My advice would be for one to keep up,if behind the Brush-up weeks are given to pace up and be up-to-date with work. Listening to Finnish radio station or watching a series or videos helped me familiarize myself more to the pronunciations of words.

Thank you NLRC Team and Good luck to all new students.

Temitope Sarah Samugana

Moi kaikki,

My NLRC Journey began in August 2023.

I had just completed my first Moodle assessment quiz on Joo mä hoidan. While trying to complete the 10min timed quiz on my laptop, I had internet issues and my work froze. This resulted in a failed quiz and I was completely devastated.

I reached out to NLRC Support by email and explained my predicament. To my utmost surprise, they not only promptly responded to my mail but they also understood my plight and told me that I could re-do the assessment quiz.

You can imagine my joy. Subsequently, I passed and this boosted my morale.

With NLRC, I did not only receive a prompt reply to my mails, but a listening ear and empathetic response.

They actually cared about me doing well in my studies and always had encouraging words during my studies when they sent out weekly schedules or replied to my emails.

All the mails I sent to NLRC Support was treated promptly, politely and with a real listening ear.

Ultimately, this resulted in me passing all my courses and the final A2.1 assessment.

My journey has been with a lot of hard work and dedication and I am grateful for the SUPPORT shown to me by NLRC SUPPORT (no pun intended ☺️)

Thank you NLRC.

Estella Marie Yagyagen

Moi! I am on my late 30's and on the stage where my memory is starting to degrade and I thought that learning another laguage is quite impossible to do yet i am highly motivated on the fact that this is a great opportunity to experience working on the first world country Europe kunam man and Happiest country pay... I started my language training in ZNLRC with lots of load on my shoulder. I remember instances like bringing my extra ordinary child to SPED School and would sneak on in nearby Jollibee to do my task in moodle. I am a mother of 2 with social duties as a secretary of Women Organization in our BArangay and on Church, Also there was this time where i work as a reliever to gain experience on caregiving industry. My point is, we can actually do our thing while moving on with the language training because the secret here is not to stop but KEEP GOING. When my schedule had conflicts i make sure i chose what glorifies God, God has given us enough trouble for a day so it is not right to stress yourself from trying to go beyond what is given, However, Let us be reminded that God also commanded us to do our best to whatever our hands find to do therefore, Let us perform our role as a student, a mother, a father, a worker, a boss, part of a community, a daughter, a son or a mix of them with love and gratitude making our master in heaven smile back to us.

To end this may I leave you this common verse from Jeremiah that say's My plans for you is to prosper you and NOT to HARM you, To give you HOPE and a FUTURE.. God's plan to prosper us doesn't always mean riches of this world but no doubt that His plan for us is always good, He do not want us any harm so when He open's a door for you, give the most of what you have giving the highest glory to Him alone and remembering to give thanks to all the people that God uses to helps us through. To all the ZNLRC staff and teacher's kiitos paljon.

Jenrio Flores

I can't say that I have mastered the Finnish Language because until now I'm still hanging, it’s really different when you are already here, Finns speak very fast and they speak colloquial 😂😂😂...

All I can say to aspiring applicants is to follow ZNLRC's guide, that's what I did, I studied daily as instructed by ZNLRC's guide and schedule, in that way, they won't be pressured and learnings will come gradually, it is designed that way, don't use much translator because their teachers will know it 😂, and they must really try to speak suomeksi with their partners regularly... it will really help them when they get here...

Gerald Aquino

My story goes back not too long ago, i am a jobless bummer person still living with my parents at 30+, although i have a bachelor's degree and a board passer in nursing i wasnt able to practiced it and continue focussing on getting a job that i got easily burnt out and keep shifting places. it was worsened when pandemic hit the world and everyone got stuck up at home. I suffered a depression because of too much isolation precipitated by the pandemic. Two good friends of mine visited me at home and i was somewhat relieved me from the loneliness i am dwelling. Applying abroad was just a fantasy of mine. It was a dream that i never thought would happen. Actually when we had conversation with my friends. Sending an application was just a fun talk and I'm aint too serious because at the first place I had no work experience and no documents at all (TOR, passport, etc.) and my nursing license was long been expired, in short I was a helpless shit but one of my friend was too serious about it because he had a family to feed, so i just went by it without too much hope. I went through the orientation in February 2022 and they gave us a book to study a little bit of the language before a phone interview. The phone interview didn't went well for me, although we had plenty of time to atleast review, I just read it 2 days before the interview. I was surprised that I was then invited to the actual language course, though it came a little bit late. Fast forward, it was a hell of a ride when I was studying Finnish language. There are times that I am motivated and most of the time I'm just want to play games with my friend whom I am partnered with during the study but the good thing is we are competitive to each other when it comes to study so it kept the fire burning. The duration of the course was conducted in discord app. because apparently we are the pandemic batch. I never forgot how terrified we are with some finnish teachers because they are too strict and if you failed giving a satisfactory answers you will be rescheduled in another session with them. ZNLRC staff were really helpful answering queries and the finnish teachers can answer your questions related to study at any given time, the modules provided are enough for building your foundation to start learning the language. In my experience I need to rely in my own understandings because it was a self study through and through but then we have a discord community where in you can post topics that you think needed further understanding because teachers can only do that much. Make your way through it by proactively asking. You need to listen to finnish videos like podcast and providing healthcare videos in finnish which are available in youtube to atleast help you in listening part of the exam. Fast forward, the Finnish courses lasted for a year and 3 months (B1 level) for me since I chose a different employer, so additional courses were added and we need to go through three phases of exam before lodging, it happened in baguio, were we had chance to meet some of our finnish teachers and participated in intensive training with them for a week.

Me and my friend parted ways. He was with Attendo and I was with Päijät-Sote. Everything was a first time for me when I got here. I never been overseas and never lived independently but when survival instinct kicks in you will know what to do at that moment. It was almost spring when we arrived so the snow nearly melted off but it's damn cold at 1c

Before we started working we are obliged to go to school and study as a lähihoitaja.One week to school and then started working, then following school days and online classes will happen once a week by then on. Glad that our Finnish teachers in Lahti can speak good english so we did'nt have a hard time learning, though it was really tough because you need to balance your work and study. Just a tip complete every school task so you can graduate in time, ofcourse you can enjoy but focus on the task at hand before everything else.

Right now im typing these experiences while im on sairas loma because I had a bad stomach this morning. Finland was really a dream for me and a dream wouldn't just come without hard work. I worked hard before I came here and still working hard to earn for my living. Language was really the barrier for you to excel at work. I am until now bad in speaking and understanding Finnish ( well because I don't study much) but your perseverance and Filipino way of working things out will definitely helped you cope up. It was really a beautiful country to work in, sceneries, beautiful people, very well systematized way of life.

Never doubt yourself keep on going even you are'nt the best out there, as long as you hit the mark during sessions. I was just playing games with my friend who is in Harjavalta now. We usually study just 2 days before a session but then if a hard topic requires focus and a little more time we get our heads into it and we never failed to deliver. the actual learning will not be in the Philippines that's just an introduction of the overall language journey but it is here in Finland when you will be speaking to the locals and coworkers and use it in everyday life and activities.

I was a bummer back then and now im living the dream that i once just imagined. Hope and workhard, keep going.. and you wouldn't even notice you are already there. Goodluck!

Hazel Manlangit


I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to ZNLRC FAMILY for unwavering support, encouragement throughout my journey and reflect on my journey over the past year and three months here in Finland. When I first arrived, I faced the daunting challenge of learning the Finnish language while also adapting to a new healthcare system and culture. It was not easy, and there were moments when I felt overwhelmed by the obstacles in front of me.

However, I am incredibly proud to say that I have conquered those challenges and emerged stronger on the other side. Through dedication, perseverance, and hard work, I have not only learned the Finnish language but have also integrated seamlessly into my role as Hoitaja and given a chance in am about to graduate as a Sairanhoitaja this year.

The journey has been filled with ups and downs, moments of frustration, and moments of triumph. But through it all, I remained focused on my goal and never lost sight of the reasons why I chose this path. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from my finnish boyfriend Tomi, colleagues, mentors, and friends along the way.

Today, as I reflect on how far I have come, I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I am honored to be serving as a hoitaja here in Finland, making a difference in the lives of my patients and contributing to the healthcare community.

To anyone who may be facing similar challenges or embarking on their own journey, I want to offer a message of hope and encouragement. No matter how difficult the road may seem, remember that with perseverance and determination, anything is possible. Believe in yourself, stay focused on your goals, and never underestimate the power of your own resilience. Kita kita tayo sa FINLAND.

Warm regards,
Hazel Manlangit (SUO 15)

Jose Rafael Gabuyong

Studying the Finnish language for a year was both challenging and rewarding. Initially, conquering new words felt like navigating a linguistic maze, but with consistent effort, it became an enriching journey. Now, being in Finland, I've found practical applications for the language I've learned.

The key is persistence – continue using and expanding your Finnish vocabulary, whether in everyday conversations, reading, or watching Finnish media. Immerse yourself in the language and culture; it's a doorway to understanding the Finnish way of life.

Aspiring learners, embrace the process, celebrate small victories, and don't shy away from making mistakes – they're stepping stones to proficiency. Engage with locals, join language exchange groups, and take advantage of language courses. Finland is a country known for its warmth and inclusivity; people appreciate genuine efforts to speak their language.

Remember, your journey in Finland is not just about learning a language but also about discovering a vibrant culture and forging connections. Seize every opportunity to learn, grow, and create meaningful experiences. Onnea matkaan! (Good luck on your journey!)

Rafael Asiado

Moi , kaiki
Hello im Rafael Asiado from suo 58f im a Certified Nursing Assistant i worked in dubai for 9 years. now im here in Finland working as a Hoiva avustaja (Nursing assistant) @Attendo oy . Im so glad and thankful to Silkroad and specially to NLRC for providing us a language training program for free and that really help us a lot specially here in Finland because its more easy for us to communicate to our co workers and residence.For you guys who.also have Dream to come here in Finland just study hard and for sure u will not regret the hardship of you study. See yah here in Finland Tervetulua, kiitos paljon.

Rich Geranio

First of all I would like to thank you all for doing a great job and giving opportunities to dreamers like me.I admit it was tough and not easy to manage studies and work but if you put lots of dedication and motivation I always feel great.Learning Finnish is one of the hardest language but when I started to learn and study and with the great help of teachers it is easy along the way.I really admire the people behind all these.And I believe now dreams do come true if you put a lot of efforts and prayers.

Agnetta Achieng

Learning Finnish language requires a lot of personal discipline, commitment and patience. Its Important to note that every hard work done smartly will always give you a good result at the end. I appreciate all the NLRC instructors for their well laid structure in learning this language. I have achieved my level of requirement successfully and already in Finland for work. God bless you all.

Carlyn Joy Carias

I was a former OFW who returned home during the pandemic with the intention of permanently staying in our home country, the Philippines. However, finding employment has proven to be quite difficult for many, myself included. Despite submitting numerous job applications, luck was not on my side. It seems my dream of working and retiring in the Philippines may not come to fruition. One night, I had a dream about a serene place filled with trees—it was truly beautiful. Shortly after, I learned about Topmake and decided to submit my requirements online, thinking to myself, 'Why not give it a try? Perhaps my services are better suited for another country.' Though I knew nothing about Finland, I resolved to go with the flow of life. The agency contacted me and offered Finnish language training, alongside other selected applicants. NLRC has been there for me throughout this journey. In order to work in Finland, proficiency in the local language is essential. Thankfully, NLRC provided free language training, and the staff were incredibly supportive and patient. I am blessed to have set foot in Finland at the age of 39. Perhaps it was part of God's plan all along. The place I saw in my dream bears a striking resemblance to the scenery I encounter daily on my way to work. To those currently enrolled in the NLRC language training program, my advice is to take it seriously. Complete your assignments, attend your 1:1 or 2:2 sessions with your teachers. Some may face setbacks, but perseverance is key. If you need to repeat, do so. Keep trying, and soon enough, you will succeed. NLRC will continue to support you until you reach your goals. Have faith and keep pushing forward! Thank you immensely, NLRC. Your service and dedication are truly appreciated. Now, I am earning euros and have had the opportunity to experience snow—what a joyous feeling!

Ayedona Sarah Oluwaseun

Greetings,My name is Ayedona Sarah Oluwaseun.

I'm excited to share my journey of learning with you! My adventure began eight months ago when I decided to immerse myself in learning a new language with NLRC. It has been a transformative experience and has expanded my linguistic capabilities.

I was passionate and eager to embrace a new culture and expand my horizons. The NLRC program was the perfect place to start this journey, offering me an ideal platform to facilitate my language learning.

Initially, I encountered several hurdles, particularly in honing my pronunciation, grasping intricate grammar rules, and building my vocabulary and sentence structure. However, the NLRC program provided exceptional support with instructors who guided trainees through each challenge. They offered personalized feedback and encouragement that helped me overcome these obstacles.

The program includes various resources such as online learning, tasks, self-assessment, sessions with booking instructors, Discord, conversation groups, reading partners, and study materials. All of these were invaluable in strengthening my skills. The instructors were patient and encouraging, helping me push through the difficult moments.

A pivotal moment in my journey was when I successfully completed an advanced-level course, held a conversation in the language, and passed a proficiency test. This accomplishment boosted my confidence and motivated me to keep going. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to stay consistent and practice regularly.

For future trainees, my advice is to immerse yourself in the language, find a study partner, stay curious, be open-minded, watch movies, make the most of available resources, and practice as much as you can. Don't be afraid or discouraged to make mistakes; that's how we learn and grow. Set achievable goals and remember that the journey may not always be easy, but the rewards are worth it.

Learning a new language has had a profound impact on my life, enriching both my personal and professional experiences. I encourage you to embrace the journey, trust the process, and remember that every small step forward is progress and brings you closer to your goals.

Remember, you are capable of achieving great things! Stay motivated, be patient with yourself, and embrace every opportunity to practice. I am confident that you will find the experience as transformative and rewarding as I have.

I wish you all the best on your language-learning adventure!

Namanga Sindila

Starting with NLRC to learn Finnish was both exciting and daunting, but it turned out to be life-changing. The program's blend of structured learning and immersive experiences, supported by dedicated instructors and a vibrant community, made even the toughest aspects of Finnish manageable.

A standout moment for me was my first full conversation in Finnish, which highlighted NLRC's effective teaching and boosted my confidence. Now, living in Finland, I use Finnish daily with ease, whether in everyday interactions or cultural events. The skills I gained opened doors to new friendships, career opportunities, and a deeper cultural understanding.

I highly recommend the NLRC program to anyone interested in learning a new language. It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding. Thank you, NLRC, for empowering me and so many others.

Jan Patrick Perez

Amidst the hustle of my demanding job in the UAE and the financial challenges I faced, ZNLRC training language emerged as a beacon of support and guidance on my journey to becoming a nurse in Finland. Their unwavering assistance provided me with the resources and flexibility I needed to pursue my dream. Through their personalized approach and dedicated faculty, I was able to navigate through obstacles and stay on track despite the odds. ZNLRC training language not only equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills but also instilled in me the resilience and determination to overcome any hurdle. Today, as I fulfill my dream of working as a nurse in Finland, I am forever grateful for the invaluable support and encouragement provided by ZNLRC training language, proving that with their assistance, no challenge is insurmountable.

Jeanette Langreo

ZNLRC’s program seamlessly integrates language vital to our role as practical nurses here in Finland equipping us with the skills necessary to communicate confidently and effectively from A1 to A2 language level , Offering flexible schedule and chances to fit on our time. Studying while working is not easy, but no matter what you do consistency is the key! Diligently following ZNLRC’s language training plan while weaving in some extra language learning tips will guarantee your success. You can do it if you are determined! Especially that finnish language is very important to communicate with Finns, it is hard to work here if you don't know their language. ZNLRC books are the best tools to read to understand the basic language, you will need it still no matter how many years you are here in Finland. Thank you so much ZNLRC staff and teachers for your patience on me and for giving me chance to be included on 2023 Finland journey!

Jonie Rose Rabena

Hello everyone,

Before anything else I would like to greet you all a good day and time

My name is Jonie Rose Rabara from Philippines ,province of Ilocos Sur and now I am already in Finland.I am here to share my story for you to motivate yourself to become one of us who’s living and working now in Finland.

I am the one student of ZNLRC,I started learning Finnish language at ZNLRC last year for 6 months, while studying my application had been process at the same time.Studying while working is not easy,but I really wanted to work in Finland that’s why I studied well Minä olen ahahkera opiskelen suomea.After work need to do homework and need to prepare for the upcoming one on one everyweek of one of the teacher at ZNLRC who is a Finnish Citizen.Nothing to worry about because if you don’t know the meaning the teacher will teach and correct you.Its a quite hard but it is my dream so I did my best I didn’t give up.When the time of A2 exam my way how to review is,I read my reviewer loud and clear I wrote some questions for example then I recorded and put it in my music player so that everytime I can hear it and I can answer some questions.While working cleaning or cooking I can review anytime even without reading my notes.But then the day and time was came for A2 exam I keep on praying and I felt so nervous, but feel nervous can not help for taking exam, its just make you not in focus so sometimes can not answer properly the question.Then I calm myself take some water and take a deep breath, then I talk to the teacher as a friend we communicate each other well just like we are talking as we know each other for long time.I did the exam in the morning then I received the result at night time.That day I just got home from work because I am stay out from my employer I’m staying in boarding house which is the accommodation is paying by my employer so every 8pm my work had been done.So,then I check my Discord then one of the staff had sent a message saying that Hello Miss Jonie,if your teacher didn’t tell you yet this is to inform you that you’ve been pass the A2 exam Oh! My God I am so happy that time I can’t express my feelings how much I’m happy I don’t know what to do and what to say just so thankful to GOD so this is it, the best opportunity is here.

Anyway I was working in Hongkong for 10 years before I came here in Finland.So many struggles, so many problems had been pass.I took good care of an old womanish can not walk and she’s using catheter for her to do pee.So in the day time I’m taking out the catheter from her private part.Then I take her urine by a catheter 4x a day she must have 150ml and above urine every time I take, then I putted catheter before she get to sleep.Working with her for 4 years.Then my latest employer is Indian nationality’s I was a cook that times I said a while ago while studying my application had been on process so I have an appearance in Finland Immigration for my residence permit when my employer gone to work ,I change my clothes and run away going to immigration without their knowing.I did that for 2x for the sake of my dream as a nurse in Finland.My residence permit had been received in just one day.Its so great full God is good all the time, just keep praying and do hardwork.Follow your dream.Study Finnish is not easy, just take it easy for you don’t give up.

Then the day of my flight had come,I need a money for my ticket I ask so many relatives who is in other country also but no one helps me.One only who understand me and always on my side only my family my sister who also working in Hongkong she’s only the one who help me for all my expenses I am so lucky for having her and my family.I am working hard for my family, my 3 sisters who is in college architect, nurse and accountancy.Now all their needed in school I can provide it tuitions and everything I am happy that I can help them and my parents.Its my flight July 12 for 21hours going to Finland its a long travel.

Finally hello Finland,
Thank you to all staff of ZNLRC specialy Silk Road for helping us. ZNLRC staff who is so good and who's more patience to teach us,I can say that its too difficult to learn language but there is no difficult if you want to pursue your dream work hard Be one of us....Now I am proud to be here, I love my job, I love taking care old.Work here it takes only 8hours a day. After work we still have time to do some activities some hobbies.Its nice yo play in the snow .And northern lights is so adorable. And I want to share with you because of Finland I found my true love...

Dream,Believe,Work hard

Thats my story,Nähdään kaikki!
Hyvää päivänjatkoa!

Jimbo Bustarde

Joining the ZNLRC language training was a combination of anxiety and excitement. Anxiety in a sense that you are uncertain if you will be qualified to work in Finland as its main requirement is learning their language. Excitement in a sense that soon you will be going to Finland and learning new words, language and culture. It was a struggle enduring the year throughout which I need to go to work and study at the same time. Needless to say, I was working in a hospital back then. Given the uncertain work schedule and fatigue and yet you have to make time compensating the week’s lessons, assignments and weekly interaction with the teacher to monitor your progress. There are some good days and bad days but this is not an excuse to quit. At the time of my studies, the language training is facilitated thru online or self-review with the given modules. Good thing that these were free of charge and the training itself. Covid-19 was still around back then so precautionary measures were observed. Though as students, we would’ve appreciated more if the studies were don on a face-to-face basis. But yet again due to health safety concerns explains it. Now that i am here in Finland, I would like to express my gratitude to ZNLRC team for their patience and dedication helping aspiring individuals going to Finland. As of now, I cannot say that I am fluent but some say that I speak well considering in a short period of time which soon I will 2 years now in Finland. Truly the language is difficult but if you really want to achieve something, you find ways to develop yourself and put effort.

Joseph Andre Ramirez


I'm Joseph Andre Ramirez, originally from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. My journey in Finland began in May 2023 while I was still employed as a tech support in Malaysia. Drawing from my experience as a caregiver and having the necessary qualifications, I opted to apply as a nursing assistant. Following the recruitment interview, I received access to Moodle for language training. Initially, learning Finnish proved challenging, particularly while balancing full-time work. However, with the guidance of our instructors and ZNLRC staff, I successfully passed weekly quizzes and assessments. Dedication to daily study played a significant role, and I feel fortunate to have had helpful tools and learning materials provided by the ZNLRC. Now in Finland, embarking on a new chapter, I'm confident that the language skills acquired will not only facilitate communication but also enable me to share knowledge with others.

Arlegie Rodio

My name is Arlegie, from Philippines. I am currently working in Attendo Juuka, Finland. As a first filipino who arrived in Juuka and work as a nurse in Attendo, it was exciting and challenging for me as I have to speak finnish the entire shift because none of the residents speaks English and few of my collegues speaks English as well. Aside from very few people who speaks English here, going to grocery is more challenging to me. It took me so long to get out from grocery because a lot of products here are not familiar to me and the product names are not in English as well. So then, studying finnish before coming to Finland is a must. I'm glad that NLRC also includes culture, transportation, some products and grocery stores as part of the lesson before coming to Finland. It does helped me in my first month upon applying for police ID as I need to take a bus.

My study experience in NLRC was very convenient in spite of my busy schedule. The time I got the opportunity to study finnish through NLRC, I was working in Hong Kong for more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and at the same time I was also studying and graduating in my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course. So, I had a very tough schedule, but the good thing is that NLRC understand it really well that is why they offer fast pace and slow pace, depending on your capacity. You get a chance to take fast pace if you think you can manage your schedule well, and move to slow pace if you feel like you can't cope with the lesson for some reason. In NLRC, you also get a chance to choose which time you are available whenever there's speech test. In spite of my hectic schedule, I was able to do the fast pace. When I started working, I had a chance to study more through NLRC. That time, my schedule was very tight that I had to wake up at 2AM because of my IT course thesis then goes to work at 6AM. At the end of the day, all the sacrifices are worth it. Thank you Silk Road and NLRC teachers who were patiently teaching and assisted us whenever we need help and were trying their best to helped us understand the lessons. I am forever grateful for this lifetime opportunity.

Sharing my study routine and technique:
Aside from lessons and teachers of NLRC, I also watch YouTube for more details and visual lessons. I download videos and make mp3 out of it, so that I can listen to them while I'm working. That way, I get to familiarize the pronunciation of the word. I also use translation voice to listen and correct my self in terms of pronunciation. Anki app which NLRC reccommended is also very helpful in terms of memorization of the vocabularies.

Studying other language is not that easy and simple. It needs time, determination, effort and a lot of sacrifices. Failure does not mean it's the end of the world. It is a step to success for as long as you get up, try again and learn from your mistakes. Slow progress is better than quitting. Always focus on your goal and remember the day you've been dreaming to come to Finland.

If others can do, why can't I? God bless everyone and see you here!

Laar Aminu

My name is Laar Aminu SUO81F from Ghana. It was such an amazing experience studying under NLRC. What I can say it was determination and hardwork. If you are determined nothing is too hard for you. So I would like to tell Future learners and those who are already in the learning process to keep hopes alive, Is not easy combining the studies with work and family pressures but one have to be strategic. they should persevere and try to follow instructions, they should follow rules and regulations governing NLRC and it will be easy for them. Though nothing good comes easy but determination, hard work and perseverance brings good results. What makes me proud is learning a foreign language, yes and I am so so proud that I can speak a foreign language. The instructors, the support team, the recruitment team, infact everyone under NLRC is so so amazing. Thank you for this opportunity. Moi to my learners colleagues learn hard burn the midnight candle and you shall make it. Kiitos.


My name is Silibaziso, my nickname is Sly and l am a Healthcare Assistant.l joined Silkroad Language training on the 4th of June 2023 and arrived in Finland 21 March 2024.Today l would like to empower others out there, to work hard ,stay consistent and be patient because results happen overtime not overnight.

My NLRC journey was challenging because at the same time l had to balances work and my studies.indeed it was difficult but l managed to cope and gain confidence by reading everyday . Repeating reading over and over also helped me to master the Finnish Language.

I used the Study material kit that is provided by the NLRC and good network connection to over come challenges. Again l also exposed myself to Finnish Language through using YouTube for example l watched videos like Learning Finnish with Anna and movies like The Lion King(Hakuna Matata).

Well this journey needs one to have confidence.Believe in yourself that you have the capacity to do good and great things . It might not be easy but it will be worth it,start your dream today.

Joy Muwanguzi

My name is Joy and I am from Uganda and I am so thankful to silkroad for making my dreams come to reality, I started the journey of studying language at NLRC. It was challenging but I really like challenges and I can say now that I have actually fallen in love with the Finnish language. Watching a lot of videos in finnish and practicing a lot and most of all my teachers were really helpful during the sessions this made it easier for me to understand. To anyone else out there, don't lose hope, you can also make it.

Jim Kelly Malamion

I am a registered nurse and a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines. I had my training language course at TIMS, it took more than a year for me until i was finally sent to Finland to start my work. I moved to Finland on November 24, 2022. Started working on Dec. 1 2022. I took my hoiva avustaja course for 3 months and i had to take the Lähihoitaja course right away after that, until Dec. 2023. School is once a week and so we go to work and school at the same time. It was a very tough year for me, but I must say that everything is all worth it. The finnish language is definitely the toughest part of the process, it's a difficult stuff but it's not impossible to learn. Spoken language and the written language that's being taught during the language course might seem like totally different things because when you hear a local speak the finnish language it may sound like a totally different language and not finnish. 😅 But as time goes by youd realize that your language skills has already improved because you get to understand more and speak more, you just have to be patient and trust the process along the way. I finished the lähihoitaja course within a year, so I went home to the Philippines after that to spend my 4 weeks vacation that I earned throughout the year. School and work didn't stop me from seeing places and experiencing different cultures in other european countries and even asian country, I get to travel and I've seen 6 different counties in just a year and I must say that it is one of the best things about living in Finland, you get to use the vacation leaves that's given to you and you get to do a work and leisure balance in your lifetime, something that should be taken into consideration because mental health is very important. To those aspiring health care workers dreaming to work in finland, do not give up on that dream, it's not gonna be easy but everything is gonna be worth it. Nähdään pian suomessa! 🇫🇮

Mylene Matugas

Hi everyone, I'm Mylene Matugas, single parent, I would like to share my journey going here in Finland...I'm a former ofw in Taiwan, due to age requirement I can't go back again there...therefore I studied caregiving course, but right after I finished my on job training pandemic come, where no one can go out the country! I try looking for job,but I only end up as volunteer in local government unit, and join organization for OFW...while waiting searching for a break, I bow down to God and ask to give me a chance to find job where me and my child could live together..where it could give a better education, better future for us likewise I can also help my family.One day I sawa an ad in Facebook Tru Topmake international manpower, I also search in YouTube vlogs if opportunity in Finland is suit for my aim.. that's the beginning I send my scan documents and weeks after I received an email that I could join an orientation on what's Finland could offer..the processing, the language training stage. It's not easy as 123, but if your going serious about it little by little you will get along, you face trials along the way like you failed that week for your session with your oppetaja, failed assignment, you get nervous, but enjoy the process and remember your goal, the harder you get the better you feel if you achieve it.

Laiza Reginio

My Journey in ZNLRC was a quite Hard but Memorable. I am a Caregiver in Macao, China for 4.5 years then I applied as Practical Nurse in Finland my journey was not easy especially my Finnish Class because of that Year 2022 we are suffering WorkLockdown (Covid19) at my workplace . I am working 8-12hrs a day and only one off every week. Yes Finnish language is not easy But I do believe if you have a Dream you will do everything to achieve it. I applied the Finnish training October 2022 then start a class by November 2022. Those slepless nights before were really worth it because I am already here in Lapland, Finland. I am currently working at Attendo, Rovaniemi. I am a currently Practical Nurse-Student or they called in Finnish Lähihoitajaopiskelija. I find a home and peace here. My work environment is good and Finland is one of the peaceful country. My Finnish training ends by May 2023 then I went to Finland on JUne 12,2023. I had a shortage Finnish training. (7mos) I been top 1 on Finnish language in my batch before (suo31).😊 so I had given a chance to choose where I want to work in Finland.

It is my Dream to be in a Nordic Country in Northern Europe, a dream come true to me also to see the northern lights 🙂so I am very thankful to ZNLRC and Silkroad for making my dream come true.

Isaiah 60:22 When the time is Right, I the Lord will make it Happen.

Michu Belay Walle

ZNLRC has a special place in my life. Your materials are very interesting and helpful to me. I could write, read, speak, and listen to Finnish a little bit.

Thank you very much for your all support in my life.

Andreo Sartorio

Working with you fills me with immense pride and honor. I feel extremely fortunate to be in Finland right now thanks to ZNLRC, a fantastic organization run by wonderful people. I was able to have an amazing and easy experience with you throughout our entire application process for jobs in Finland.

I had this dream as a child, and with your assistance, it came true.

No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks...

Christian Talamor

I was in the midst of a Midlife crisis before my application in the ZNLRC happened. I deactivated all my social media accounts to avoid stressing myself. after a year I tried to open my facebook, May 22, 2022. When I saw the Topmake International post, Hiring Caregiver in Finland I am hesitant at first but I still tried. June 10, 2022. I received a message from the ZNLRC, Good day! This is the ZNLRC. We will be handling your language training for topmake. That's when everything started. ZNLRC opened a new chapter of my life. During my study, I felt mixed emotions, Nervousness, Excitement and Joy because your dream is slowly coming true. In order to be able to make it, you have to put aside the fear of failing and the desire of succeeding. The ZNLRC and the staff helped me a lot during my application. To those Filipinos who are planning to apply, If i made it, you can make it too. Now I’m Living in the happiest country in the world for almost 6 months. If it's for you, the Lord will give it to you. It's all worth it in the end.

Kurt Kevin Tuarez

I'm Kurt Kevin Tuares, a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. My experience with NLRC was life-changing. I was guided throughout the training, and the online language sessions provided a clear, structured program for learning the Finnish language. NLRC's realistic approach made it easy for trainees, eliminating pressure. Now, equipped with knowledge and skills from NLRC, I stand with immense pride as I step into the realization of my lifelong dream – the journey from being a Cleaner to becoming a Nurse in Finland.

To aspiring trainees, unlock your potential with NLRC! While the journey may present initial challenges, rest assured, the rewards are undeniably worth it. Focus, immerse yourself in learning, and let your heart guide you to your ultimate goal. Trust NLRC to pave the way for your success!

Nähdään Suomessa!
Kurt, Attendo Oy Espoo

Angelar Vilita Kyalo

Thank you for your email and the opportunity to share my journey with you. My name is Angelar Vilita Kyalo, from Kenya, Batch KEN17. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant. I began this journey in June 2023, and it has been quite challenging. Balancing work, family life, and study is no easy task. The entry exam determined whether one qualifies for the program or not. I took the exam, passed it, and thus began my journey. I started with 'Joo mä hoidan', which consisted of 8 units. Units 1-5 tested basic language skills, and passing these exams enabled me to sign my contract. However, it wasn't easy, as I initially struggled and received a red mark. Feeling discouraged, I contemplated giving up. After a week of reflection, I decided to continue and reached out to NLRC to rejoin the program. Placed in Batch KEN17, I promised myself not to fail again. With determination and belief in myself, I revisited the material, and when it came time for the 1-5 test, I passed with flying colors, with my instructor praising my efforts. I then signed my contract with AWP here in Nairobi, Kenya, and since then, I haven't looked back. Now, in Finland, I am doing what I love most: caring for the elderly. For those interested in working and living in Finland, my advice is simple: believe in yourself, and you're good to go. Thank you. Tervetuloa Suomessa!


My experience with NLRC has been nothing short of intriguing! I had high expectations when I joined the program, as it was meant to help me pursue my dream in Finland. Prior to joining, I had a strong determination to learn the language and believed in myself. Initially, I felt nervous and overwhelmed with anxiety, but with the cooperation and emotional support of my husband, I was able to overcome these feelings.

Despite my busy schedule as a nurse, mother, and wife, I made sure to dedicate time each day to study, and I continue to do so to this day. The NLRC instructors played a crucial role in my journey, as they were always ready to impart their knowledge and were genuinely happy to see their students progress and master the language.

There were moments when I felt frustrated and exhausted, especially when I had to repeat sessions or struggled to book extra slots due to their unavailability. However, I refused to let these challenges weigh me down; instead, I remained focused and determined to achieve my dreams.

Upon completing the program, I booked my A2.1 assessment. I spent countless nights studying and practicing with my husband, and on the day of the exam, I prayed and prepared myself. I successfully passed the assessment in one sitting, and in that moment, I knew my dream had come true.